Thursday, November 3, 2011

Merry November!

Time for my monthly blog post!

Haha, I know, my consistency has been weak at best.  But in my defense I have been working on a very special project (and attending friends' beautiful weddings in Cayucos, California) that will soon be a literal 'feast' for your eyes to see.  But for now it's still a secret and for now I am going to distract you with one of my most favorite of topics... CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS!  I know that Thanksgiving hasn't happened yet but if you remember that I'm Canadian it was totally last month and in my mind when one holiday ends it's onto the next.  Therefore it is CHRISTMAS!  (Even though I plan on celebrating American Thanksgiving because who doesn't love turkey & I hope someone invites me to their house...).  Also, if you are a Christmas nut like me (mmm, the kind with sugar & spices baked on them) then you know that as of this week all of the stores have posted their holiday collections online which has lead to a new morning ritual of cinnamon-spiced coffee & decoration-perusal slash Pinteresting.

Here are some of my favorite finds of this morning that I will soon be purchasing for my personal wonderland:

Vintage Knit Stocking

How is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen?  I have already ordered monogrammed stockings for the mantle but these must find a home somewhere in my house.  Love!

Red Snowflake Candles

Vintage-y and Christmas cottage-y and perfect.  I love these candles and probably won't want to burn them.

Pottery Barn Found Wooden Sled

These wooden sleds are actual vintage sleds from Germany and Austria made in the early 20th century.  SO amazing but at $150 each they're definitely a Christmas splurge. 

Pottery Barn Monogrammed Stockings

I already ordered these!  So far we are a family of two but Pottery Barn has these every year so eventually I plan on adding to the collection... ;)

Mini Knitted Sweater Ornaments

Mini hand-knitted sweater ornaments!  What's not to love?!  I think these would be great tied onto brown paper wrapped presents as well.

Holiday Appetizer Plates

Super cute. I just love the font on these.  I'd probably want to buy little plate stands so I could display them in my kitchen when they're not being used. 

Holiday Dress by Modcloth
And what would Christmas be without a red holiday dress?  Add a sparkly snowflake necklace and a flute of eggnog and you're ready to go.  This one is definitely coming to live with me this year.

So there it is.  My official "Christmas in November" post.  I'm off to bake something that smells like cinnamon...  xo!

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  1. That ModCloth dress is the dress that I've been lusting after(yes I said lusting) for over a month now. I need it!