Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Favorite Things, Part 1

Happy Daylight Savings everyone!  I am really excited because I have some great new recipes I am going to be trying out tonight for Sunday dinner (& dessert) which also makes for another really great blog post (assuming they turn out and are also delicious).  But seeing as it's only 10am I can't very well make dinner & then blog about them now, so instead I am going to start a new post called "My Favorite Things".  I have a lot of favorite things and the list is constantly growing so I think this will be an ongoing feature here on Turquoise & Tea and a great place for me to introduce to you my new finds and my old faithfuls. I'll also include links so you can snag said goodies for yourself.  So welcome to part one of:

My Favorite Things

I love Trader Joe's because everything they sell is all-natural, preservative free, and they always offer organic options at really great prices.  Obviously baking from scratch is always going to be your healthiest choice because you know exactly what you're putting into the recipe, but for those times when you want something quick and easy (and delicious), TJ'S Spiced Apple Bread Mix takes the cake (or muffin, or loaf, or whatever kind of pan you want to make it in).  You throw it in a bowl, add a few things, bake for 55-60 minutes and out comes the most delicious homemade-tasting, apple-y, cinnamon-y treat that you can serve your guests and they'll think you're Martha Stewart (if you hide the box before they get there and quickly change the subject when they ask you for the recipe).  Not only that, I just found an awesome vegan version of the recipe here which I am totally making for my friend Amanda next time she comes over.

For those times when you don't want to bake but you want your home to smell like it, this is the best candle I've ever had.  I'm not kidding, you can actually smell the butter and the sugar melting and it makes me want to eat my house.  I'm already on my second one and on the lookout for more.  Word of advice:  do not burn when hungry.

*Note:  I just went to the Yankee Candle website and lo and behold their brand new candle collection is called "My Favorite Things" and features such scents as Raindrops on Roses and Crisp Apple Strudel!  Amazing!  

I just love the look of vintage, flea market, farmhouse-style finds and these old-school soda crates totally fit the bill and can be used for so many things!  I have one on my kitchen counter that I use to hold my wine bottles but they'd also be great for magazines, cookbooks, laundry supplies - you name it!  If you look around you can find some great deals on Etsy and maybe even your local flea market.  I also love these vintage cheese crates.  A friend of mine bought a bunch and filled them with succulents and used them as centerpieces at her wedding and they looked AMAZING!  And we got to take one home at the end which made me very happy :)

There will probably be an entire post dedicated to this at some point because - if you can't tell from my blog header - I have a penchant for mason jars, especially of the turquoise variety.  I love them as drinking glasses, flower vases, candle holders, kitchen utensil holders, decorative window displays... and I love that if you keep an eye out you can find them at random thrift stores just about anywhere.  The vintage ones are usually around ten bucks apiece (although I've heard some can be a lot more) and whenever I come across one I feel like I've found an item on a treasure hunt.  Stay tuned for future craft projects involving said jars...

I know these aren't the cheapest pots on the block, but if you love cooking and can save up for one DO IT.  I was given one as a gift last Christmas and I swear to you it is the greatest pan I have ever owned.  Things cook better, I'm pretty sure they taste better, and it makes me feel like Julia Child.  It lives on my stovetop because it's too pretty to put away.  These are something you can collect over the years and are of such great quality that you'll probably pass them down to your great grandchildren.

So that concludes the very first edition of "My Favorite Things".  I'm off to organize my bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens.

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  1. Can't wait to come over for some apple bread! Another stellar post!
    Granny apple seed!